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The Registration "Registration" is not currently available.


Castle Hill Little League is happy to announce that we’re accepting registration for the Spring 2024 season Registration will remain open until all slots are filled.

Parents have two options to register for the 2024 Spring season.  As we continue to deal with the COVID-19 concerns, the preferred method of registration is through our online registration.  Registration for the 2024 Youth Baseball season is now open and parents can register online today.  If parents prefer to register in person, we will make an appointment with you for an in-person registration.  Just send us an email or contact us at 347-734-3091 and we will set up an appointment for an in-person registration meeting at the Castle Hill Little League Clubhouse located at 2200 Powell Avenue, Bronx, NY or at the Castle Hill Little League Ballfield located at 1164 Zerega Avenue, Bronx, NY (corner of Zerega Avenue & Gleason Avenue). Everyone who registers on time is guaranteed a space on a team.  Once registration closes, we will start a waitlist on a first-come, first-served basis.


T-Ball (5-6 year old): $85 + $50 [*volunteer fee] = $130.00

Pee-Wee (7-8 year old): $90 + $50 [*volunteer fee] = $140.00

Minors (9-10 year old): $100 + $50 [*volunteer fee] = $150.00

Majors (11-12 year old): $110 + $50 [*volunteer fee] = $160.00

Junior/Seniors (13 year old): $120 + $50 [*volunteer fee] = $170.00

Junior/Seniors (14 year old): $130 + $50 [*volunteer fee] = $180.00

Junior/ Seniors (15 years old): $140 + $50 [*volunteer fee] = $190.00

Junior/ Seniors (16 years old): $140 + $50 [*volunteer fee] = $190.00

*What is a volunteer fee?  Castle Hill Little League is a 100% volunteer-run organization.  Every aspect of our program is coordinated and administered by volunteers.  In order to provide an incentive for more people to volunteer at Castle Hill Little League, especially parents, we incorporated a "volunteer refund/ rollover" fee into our registration fee.  If a parent who paid the registration fee volunteers 30 hours of volunteer service to the league, whether it's managing/coaching a team, umpiring a game, field maintenance or volunteering at the concession stand, that parent can get a $50 refund at the end of the season OR rollover the $50 to the registration fee for the following season.  

The Registration "Registration" is not currently available.


The 2024 Castle Hill Little League Spring Baseball program is made of the following divisions based on the age of the players:

  • Tee Ball Division players’ ages are 5-6
  • PeeWee Division players’ ages are 7-8
  • Minor Division players’ ages are 9-10
  • Major Division players’ ages are 11-12
  • Junior/ Senior Division players' age 13-16

In order to determine what division your child falls under, match the month and year in which your child was born.  The child's age, based on the Little League Age Chart will be reflected on the same row on the right hand side of the chart.

2023 Castle Hill Little League Registration Fees


No one has to try out for a team.  Everyone who registers will be assigned to a team and will play in every game.  However, to help us balance team strengths, all NEW AND REGISTERED players who have a league age of 9 and older must undergo a Skills Assessment Workout.

Skills Assessment Workouts are a series of hitting, throwing, running and catching exercises which will enable our coaches to assess the skills of the players.  After the Skills Assessment Workouts, the players will be submitted into a draft system, where each player gets "drafted" into a team.  We will notify you of the time and place for the Skills Assessment Workout.

The Registration "Registration" is not currently available.